Deemed “a must-have party accessory!” by Vogue magazine, BOOTHNATION photo booths are fitted with our signature beauty-lighting and the very latest in interactive technology and innovation.

Hand-crafted in our Shoreditch studios to the exacting standards of award-winning photographer Seamus Ryan, our luxury booths are assembled on site in approximately one hour, and so can operate just about anywhere.

High-quality instant printing and in-built instant access to social media come as standard. Our animated GIF BOOTHS are guaranteed to keep the party moving.

We understand photographs and create everything in house. Each of our famous BOOTHNATION photo booths is unique and bespoke, just like your event.



There are 16 of our custom-made photo booths lighting up TOPSHOP stores across the UK, and more iconic booths in long-standing residence at ROUGH TRADE stores in London, Nottingham and New York. We pride ourselves on delivering high quality in-house interactive experiences that significantly boost footfall and consumer engagement.

Working in close partnership with clients to meet brand requirements and themes, our expert team design, hand-build, personally install and then remotely monitor all of our custom photobooths. 

With our signature beauty-lighting and in-built live sharing facilities, our hugely popular permanent booths often become venues in their own right, proving the ideal way to interact with customers and spread fresh and unique branded content with elegance and speed.